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5 Rules To Get That Natural-Looking, Sun-Kissed Glow This Winter

It’s that time of the year again! If you’re like us, the dip in temperature probably has you clinging to the last drops of warmth on your skin too. But who’s to say that you can’t top-up on that sun-kissed glow this winter?

See, the good news is that it’s totally possible to get a natural-looking glow this season. The other good news? It’s not really all that hard to achieve!

So before you give in to flaky and gray limbs that seem to be inevitable come winter, be sure to follow these 5 simple rules first.


#1: Exfoliating Your Skin Is Good But Do Not Do It Directly Prior To A Spray Tan


We know, we know. Your skin is probably already dry enough as it is. And now you might be worried that exfoliation will only exacerbate things. But do you know what gets sloughed off when you exfoliate? Dead skin cells. And guess what? They’re blocking your beautiful glow, and you need to get rid of them first before we can even begin working on that tan!

Just be sure to avoid exfoliation scrubs or products, 3 days prior to coming to a spray tan appointment or before you apply self-tanner. The oils in the body scrub create a barrier which means the tan will not grab onto the skin. The best way to exfoliate would be with a SunnaTan Exfoliating Mitt which you can purchase on the website, or you can use a simple dry brush. You can also choose a gentle scrub that suits your skin type and doesn’t feel too harsh on sensitive areas like the face. And remember: less is always more! If possible, do not exfoliate more than three times a week.


#2: Avoid Hot Showers And Baths


We know baths are your best friend in the winter. But when it comes to keeping that natural-looking tan, you might want to skip the bubbles and turn down the temperature for a while.

Why? Well, hot water removes moisture from your skin at double its normal rate, so taking long showers or baths actually strips off more of what you have left.

Next time you want to warm up, try taking a quick shower instead and keep the water at a lukewarm level or lower.

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#3: Moisturize Every Day


Do you know how moisturizers are meant to hydrate your skin? Turns out they can also help you achieve a sun-kissed glow this winter.

That’s because the best way to get that natural-looking tan is by keeping your base glowing and fresh all day long with moisture!

Apply moisturizer after toning, before applying your makeup. Try alternating between thick moisturizers like balms or oils during winter, and lighter ones like serums when summer rolls around again.

What about if you’re wearing foundation? Well, don’t forget to moisturize beforehand too! It’ll help your base glide smoother instead of settling into the cracks in your skin. And once you’re done, moisturize again to seal in all that glow!

And don’t forget the hands and feet too. They get neglected but they’re also part of your skin’s bigger picture so you definitely need a little more TLC for them as well.


#4: Don’t Overdo The Self-Tanning Products


Self-tanners— sure, they are every girl’s secret weapon to getting that gorgeous glow this winter. But if you’re not careful, it can be easy to overdo things.

Remember: the goal is to get a natural, sun-kissed tan. So what’s the trick? Use gradual tanners like our SunnaTan Colour Me Dark Mousse or Colour Me Dark lotion for a subtle effect or gradually build up intensity if you’re going for a darker shade.

When it comes to self-tanning, less is always more! Applying self-tanners too often can cause skin irritation and darkening. It’s also a good idea to avoid the sun as much as you can (and we’re not just saying this because it’s cold and miserable outside!). Wear SPF if you’ve got to go out, and always plan ahead by bringing one with you to touch-up on the go.


#5: When In Doubt, Go See The Experts

That’s right, it might be time to let go of your “do-it-yourself” policy and leave the job in the hands of experts. But really, who better than skin professionals to help you get that natural sun-kissed look?

There’s a reason why celebrities and models alike always look their radiant selves even when it’s cold outside: they go to professionals!

If you really want something done right, then let the experts handle it. Besides, there’s nothing quite like taking care of your skin with a little TLC from professionals. And that glow they can give is second to none!


Get That Healthy Glow At Vanity Vault

The best way to get your glow on this winter? Our cozy little place has all your needs covered, with a menu of organic airbrush tanning services to suit every skin type and preference. Whether it’s a quick but 15-minute touch-up or something with more coverage, we can help you get that gorgeous glow this winter with little to no effort!

So don’t wait— take care of yourself during the coldest months. Head over to Vanity Vault today for all your tanning needs! Also, check out our wonderful shop of products that will keep you dark and glowed this winter 

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