About Us

Hi, Hello!

We’re The Vanity Vault Calgary and we’re here to change the way people look at beauty. Our business revolves around women, & even some men, feeling good about themselves despite their “so-called” imperfections. We want women to feel good naked!! That’s why as soon as you step out of our spray tan tent; feeling good about yourself becomes an understatement! 


How you feel post spray-tan is how you should feel about yourself day in and day out – Confident, Sexy & Like you can take on the world, with your bright white smile or your organic airbrush tan. 


We exist to help give people the confidence that they don’t already see in themselves. We boost their self-esteem and help make them feel like they can do anything! Which is something we believe people should feel everyday.


Body positivity is very important in our studio, which is why we set strict rules that you cannot talk down about yourself or your body while you’re in-house. Being naked can expose vulnerability or create a sense of freedom. Either way is beautiful, and our specialists will make sure you feel strong and at your best while you’re standing naked in front of us. This is how we show you that you’re beautiful, you’re strong and you’re confident, which is how we believe you should feel daily.


Come see us today! You’ll love it here, and you’ll love being beautiful… naturally!



Hi, I’m Emily. Owner of The Vanity Vault. With 11+ years working
in the beauty industry & understanding my love for skincare, I thought
the best thing I could do for myself and my family was to open up my
business. I decided to open the studio after using SunnaTan during both of
my pregnancies. Being pregnant I didn’t feel myself and I needed something
to lift me up that was safe for me while pregnant and breastfeeding. I
have always wanted to open a business and making women feel beautiful
was the first step to expanding.


Mel been in the beauty industry for 7 years now and we are so excited for her to continue that journey at The Vanity Vault! Mel moved to Calgary from Southern Ontario a little over a year ago and she is loving the change of scenery. She’s a huge animal and outdoors lover so being close to so many amazing hikes and views has been the best experience.