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How To Safely Brighten Your Teeth in 2022

When meeting other people—whether for the first time or not—your pretty, white smile is what they’ll notice first; and we’re sure that their smile would leave an impression on you, too.

That’s why you should give your dental care enough importance; maintaining your teeth healthy and brightness will not only make you feel good and confident, but that very confidence can also be seen by the people you meet every day—because it creates an impression.

But, you know? Having pearly white teeth isn’t too hard, you just need to be mindful when doing teeth whitening and maintaining it, especially here in Calgary. And did you know that it is our top most popular dental cosmetic procedure? So, just how do we take care of that radiant smile?

Your Lifestyle Matters!

Safely keeping your pearly white teeth is vital if you aim to have brightened teeth. And there is no other way to do it than keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Teeth whitening is no joke and should be taken seriously because it does not only help you gain confidence as you flaunt your smile, but it is also about your dental care.

That means that for you to have effective teeth whitening, being mindful of your lifestyle and food intake goes a long way in helping you maintain healthy and white teeth.

Additionally, trying out natural ways to whiten your teeth is extremely helpful, and you’d be surprised to know that you might have been doing some of it now—you just need to carry on with it. 

Here are some other practices you might want to do or keep on doing, to safely whiten your teeth.

Try Out The LED-Activated-Teeth Whitening in Calgary

LED-activated-teeth whitening is one of the safest ways that you can resort to achieving the bright white teeth you’ve been aiming for.

It works with a whitening agent for the teeth, like a hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent, and once the LED light is lit up, the teeth-whitening agent is activated. While LED does not brighten the teeth all alone, it acts as an instrument for the whitening agent to work.

This procedure ensures safe and effective gentle care for your teeth, without risking the enamel.

Certain clinics and salons here in Calgary, such as The Vanity Vault, offer this kind of procedure to customers like you!

Have Regular Dental Cleaning Appointments

It is advised to get our teeth cleaned by a dentist at least every six months. Dental cleaning helps you avoid tartar or plaque build-up, as these are most responsible for having stained or yellowish teeth.

In dental cleaning sessions, you can also have a dentist put fluoride on your teeth. Fluoride makes your teeth stronger by keeping your enamel healthy; it also decreases the risk of having cavities.

Having pearly white teeth can be made possible by making them clean and healthy –but remember that preventing stains on the teeth is better than carrying cavities!

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Use Safe Teeth Whitening Products

Trying out proven and tested teeth whitening products is a better way of achieving bright white teeth. So instead of consuming your time and money on so-called “hacks”, why not invest in something beneficial?

Teeth whitening products that are proven to be safe comprise whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, and teeth whitening home kits—and don’t underestimate the capabilities of these products because they are not just effective, but also cost-efficient.

Teeth whitening home kits such as the SunnaSmile Advanced Home Whitening Kit can help you achieve the pearly white teeth you’ve been aiming for without leaving the comfort of your home.

Brush Your Teeth Daily

While this practice should already be a given, sadly there are still people who skip brushing their teeth.

The power of brushing our teeth regularly and using dental flosses after still stands strong, that’s why ignoring these can not only give you stained teeth but can make your teeth whitening solution/products fail.

However, we should still be careful with brushing our teeth, specifically being mindful of the toothbrush we’re using. Only use toothbrushes that have soft bristles, and be sure to glide them through your teeth as gently as you can.

Remember that the force you exert does not whiten your teeth, but correct brushing does.

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Smile Confidently Here At The Vanity Vault

Here at The Vanity Vault, building up your confidence through our natural teeth whitening or all-natural spray tanning is what we are always willing to do! Worry about your smile NO MORE because of the pearly white teeth we have got to achieve safely with and for you. Talk to us about our teeth whitening kits and products, or book an appointment with us now!

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