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The Ultimate Guide To Airbrush Tanning


We hear you—we always want that golden, bronzed glow too. But between sunburn and the premature signs of aging from UV rays, baking in the sun and lying in tanning beds is just not worth the risk anymore.

Does this mean coming to terms with a life of pale, bronze-less skin? Not at all. Enter airbrush tanning, a solution that has become increasingly popular with both men and women of all ages due to its specific appeal: no harmful UV rays required!

So, what is airbrush tanning, and what makes it better? We answer all your burning questions about the process and tell you why this is a much healthier option for achieving that golden look.


What Is Airbrush Tanning?

Think of airbrush tanning like spray tanning, but better.

It’s a sunless tanning method that delivers a natural-looking tan with no orange hue, streaks, or telltale signs of self-tanner. Airbrush tanning is perfect for all skin types and tones, which makes it the best option if you’re looking to achieve a bronzed, natural-looking glow.


How Does It Work?

Typically, airbrush tanning takes place in a booth that’s specially designed for the process. You get comfortable while one of our airbrush technicians here at Vanity Vault sprays your body with an all-natural tanning solution.

The spray is actually tinted water droplets suspended in air, and the solution helps provide a streak-free golden glow that dries instantly. It’s completely safe for all skin types, which makes it perfect for those who have sensitive or acne-prone skin (or both).

There is also an option to add color enhancement—a darkening agent added to your tanning solution to help you achieve that rich golden brown. This is great for those with fairer skin who might need a little boost to their natural coloring, or for anyone whose desired shade falls between the light and medium options offered during your session. If you want to step it up a notch, you can even take home our Colour Me Dark tanning lotion to keep your skin golden brown!


What Makes Airbrush Tanning Better Than Spray Tanning?

It’s important to know that we don’t offer spray tanning here at Vanity Vault—and honestly, anything other than airbrush tanning is a no-go for us. Here’s why:

Spray tanning is difficult to control.

Did you know that spray tanning can result in an unappealing orange hue? Even if the color looks good when it’s applied, there’s no way of knowing how long and even your bronzed glow will last. It also leaves a thick, sticky residue that can be difficult to remove.

With airbrush tanning, you have complete control over your color intensity—just ask our staff to adjust the solution or apply multiple coats if you want a darker look! Plus, it looks natural—no streaks, no orange hue, just smooth skin, and a healthy-looking tan.


The Benefits Of Airbrushing

Aside from the option to choose your level of color intensity, airbrush tanning has many other benefits over traditional spray tanning. Here are just a few:


It’s completely safe for all skin types.

There is no risk of developing an unattractive orange tint or thick residue like you might with spray tans.


It’s quick and easy.

There’s no uncomfortable setting-up process or long drying times, just a quick tanning session that takes 15 minutes or less to complete! Plus, this method is perfect for those with busy schedules who want to achieve an instant glow without sacrificing valuable time in their day. There are also options for multiple color tans, so you can mix and match your look!


It’s completely natural and natural-looking.

With airbrush tanning, there is no need for any harsh chemicals or UV rays—it’s just water spray that dries instantly to produce a smooth, even finish with zero streaks. Not only does this make it healthy for all skin types, but it also gives you that golden glow without worrying about the potential orange hue!


It doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day life.

What’s great is there are no limits when it comes to what you can wear after airbrush tanning. You can put your clothes back on right away or even head straight to work or class. There’s no waiting period like with traditional self-tanning methods.


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What To Expect During Your Airbrush Tanning Session

Here at Vanity Vault, we want you to walk out of our studio feeling comfortable in your new golden glow—so it’s important for you to know what separates our service here from other airbrush tanning services.

Our service begins with a consultation in which you’ll discuss your desired color, skin type, and any concerns or questions you might have about the process. We’ll then create your custom solution based on these factors before getting started!

Next, our staff will apply this solution to your body using an airbrush gun, which ensures an even application that dries quickly. You can expect to spend around 15 minutes in our studio while your airbrush tan is applied!

Finally, we’ll remove any excess solution with a towel and send you on your way—it’s as simple as that!

If you want the best possible results, try out our limited edition Cactus and Agave Lotion.  It has a natural organic formula enriched with cactus, agave, aloe vera, shea butter, and lemon & orange peel oil that deeply hydrates the skin while you tan. We also recommend our Keep-Me-Golden spray if you want to give your tan a boost for date night or special occasions. 


Get Your Glow On At Vanity Vault

At Vanity Vault, we strive to ensure that you leave our studio with a natural-looking glow that lasts for days—and we’re confident in the quality of service and products we offer! What’s even better? We offer mobile tanning to make airbrush tanning as simple and convenient as possible, so you can achieve your best glow regardless of where you are in Calgary.

Make an appointment today and let us help you achieve a healthy glow with any of our organic airbrush tanning services. Don’t forget to check out our shop of products for tanning lotions, tan extenders, and so much more!

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