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What Is Mobile Spray Tanning & How Can It Help Your Busy Schedule

If you’re like most #StrongIndependentWomen, then you’re probably always on the go. You don’t have time to waste at the salon or lie down for hours under the sun just to get that perfect tan. You need a beauty treatment that can keep up with your busy schedule. 

This is where mobile spray tanning comes in! Sort of like a best friend on certain busy days like this!

Get Faster, More Convenient Self Care

As we all know, waiting to achieve your tan under the sun can eat a lot of time; and let’s be honest here, not everyone can afford to just lie down under the sun for hours–risking their skin getting burnt.

You might think, “why should I lie under the sun if I could just lie on a tanning bed?”. 

Compared to a spray tan, tanning beds aren’t that much worth it. The waiting time for your turn is one thing, and the waiting time during your session is another.

Healthwise, spray tanning is a better option than most tanning beds since you are getting exposed to UV rays in a tanning bed session. With bed tanning, you can increase the risk of premature aging or even skin cancer if it’s done often!

However, let’s be real. Going to a salon for a spray tanning session can be a handful, considering the hours you’ll have to drive and the waiting time you’ll have to go through before you have your turn. That’s why mobile spray tanning is here to help.

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Your Best Friend Forever On Busy Days

During your busy days, it is a given that you won’t have that great amount of time to intentionally go to salons or to lie down under the sun just to get your tan done. So whether you are busy at home, at a friends’ house, or working remotely, getting a spray tanning session is now easier and more accessible!

Introducing Mobile Spray Tanning! This is the perfect solution that will help you achieve the tan you want, without allotting too much time waiting in a salon for your turn.

Mobile spray tanning is great for people with tight schedules but still want to somehow get their tan done, wherever and whenever they want. But if you’re new to this, here’s what to expect during a mobile tanning session here at Vanity Vault:

First, we’ll discuss your preferences for the tan. This includes your preferred tan color, your skin type, and other things you might want to ask us.

Next, we’ll gently apply an all-natural solution to your body using an airbrush gun. This will help achieve your desired tan color.

Lastly, we’ll make sure to remove any excess solution from your body so you’re good to go already.

The entire process will only last for less than 1 hour, especially if it’s just a single mobile tan.

So quite literally, booking a mobile spray tanning session saves a lot of time. You can enjoy having a spray-tanned body without leaving your home or destination—it’s the perfect solution for busy people on busy days.

Immediate Alternative For Immediate Results

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A mobile spray tan is a good and quick alternative if you want to see immediate results on your body. This is best if you:

  1. Have a party you need to attend in a day or two.
  2. Have to attend a physical meeting and want to look good and presentable.
  3. Are having a beach party with your BFFs, and lastly,
  4. Are a busybody who still wants to look fresh and glowing even if you’re just at home!

Mobile spray tans are great for most people and are the best option for those who can’t afford to commit to long hours because of tight schedules.

Have Your First Mobile Spray Tan Experience With Us!

Spray tanning should be available and easily accessible for everyone, especially for the hardworking ladies who have tightly packed schedules! That is why Vanity Vault’s mobile spray tan service is made ready for you!

You can also do this with a friend or two! Shoot us a message or book an appointment, and let’s see where and when we can make your mobile spray tan session happen for real!

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